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Adding a skylight is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make any room of your home lighter and brighter, adding an open and airy feeling. There are two basic types of skylights for residential use – flat glass and domed acrylic – and each have some advantages.
Domed acrylic skylights are less expensive than glass, and their convex shape tends to let the rain wash accumulated dust and dirt off a little easier. The acrylic dome is mounted in an aluminum frame, which is in turn mounted on a 2×6 box called a “curb.” Once the hole is cut in the roof to the manufacturer’s specifications, the curb is constructed on-site to raise the skylight above the level of the roof sheathing. Site- built or factory-supplied flashings are used to seal the roofing around the curb.

Domed skylights are available in clear, smoked, bronze or other tints. Most are double- or triple-glazed in order to achieve the level of energy efficiency required by the building codes. Several sizes are available, with the most common being 2×2, 2×4 and 4×4 feet.
Flat glass skylights come mounted in a wood or integrated rubber and metal framework, and require no additional curb construction. After the hole is cut, the skylight frame is simply attached to the roof sheathing with L- brackets, then the installation is completed using the factory- supplied flashing kit. Easy installation, superior insulating qualities, less tendency to scratch and a cleaner finished appearance all add to the popularity and somewhat higher cost of glass skylights.

Glass skylights also have a greater number of optional accessories. These include tempered, laminated or wire glass; shades and blinds for light control; glass tints for heat retention or to block sunlight; and the ability to open fully or partially for ventilation. At least one company, Velux – a leading manufacturer of quality glass skylights that are available at most local home centers and lumber yards – even offers an electric motor coupled to a rain sensor that automatically shuts the skylight if it detects rain.

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