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Electromagnetic Transducer

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This paper describes a novel electromagnetic
transducer called the Four Quadrant Transducer (4QT) for
hybrid electric vehicles. The system consists of one electrical
machine unit (including two rotors) and two inverters, which
enable the vehicle’s Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) to run at
its optimum working points regarding efficiency, almost
independently of the changing load requirements at the wheels. In
other words the ICE is operated at high torque and low speed as
much as possible. As a consequence, reduced fuel consumption
will be achieved.

The basic structure of the Four Quadrant Transducer system,
simulation results and ideas about suitable topologies for
designing a compact machine unit are reported. The simulated
system of a passenger car is equipped with a single step gearbox
making it simple and cost effective. Since the engine is not
mechanically connected to the wheels and the electrical
components have lower power ratings than the engine itself, the
system takes advantage of the best characteristics of the series-
and the parallel hybrid, respectively. The proposed concept looks
promising and fuel savings of more than 40% compared with a
conventional vehicle can be achieved.

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