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Facial Recognition System

Added on: October 29th, 2013 by Afsal Meerankutty 1 Comment

Wouldn’t you love to replace password based access control to avoid having to reset forgotten password and worry about the integrity of your system? Wouldn’t you like to rest secure in comfort that your healthcare system does not merely on your social security number as proof of your identity for granting access to your medical records?
Because each of these questions is becoming more and more important, access to a reliable personal identification is becoming increasingly essential. Conventional method of identification based on possession of ID cards or exclusive knowledge like a social security number or a password are not all together reliable. ID cards can be lost forged or misplaced; passwords can be forgotten or compromised. But a face is undeniably connected to its owner. It cannot be borrowed stolen or easily forged. Then comes the importance of  Facial Recognition System.