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Compensation of Harmonic Currents Utilizing AHC

Added on: October 10th, 2013 by 2 Comments

In little more than ten years, electricity power quality has grown from obscurity
to a major issue.
Electronic converters and power electronics gave birth to numerous new applications, offering unmatched comfort, flexibility and efficiency to the customers. However, their proliferation during the last decade is creating a growing concern and
generates more and more problems: not only these electronic loads pollute the AC distribution system with harmonic currents, but they also appear to be very sensitive to the voltage distortion.
Then, electricity power quality is becoming a major issue for utilities and for their customers, and both are quickly adopting the philosophy and the limits proposed by the new International Standards (519-1992 IEEE, 61000.3-2/4 IEC).
Today, recent advances in power electronic technology are providing an unprecedented capability for conditioning and compensating harmonic distortion generated by the non-linear loads.
The case study presented in this paper demonstrates the role of the power source,the load and the AC distribution system as regards power quality. The benefit of harmonic cancellation equipment is clearly shown. Among the different technical
solutions, a shunt – current injection mode – active harmonic conditioner is evaluated, and detailed site measurements are presented as confirmation of the unsurpassed performances. This new innovative active conditioner appears to be the easiest of use, the most flexible, the most efficient and cost effective one

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