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Ac Synchronous Generators

Added on: January 23rd, 2016 by Afsal Meerankutty No Comments

AC Generators come in two basic types – synchronous and non-synchronous. Synchrono us generators lock in with the fundamental line frequency and rotate at a syn-chronous speed related to the number of poles similar to that of AC Synchronous motors. Synchronous generator stator windings are similar to a three-phase synchronous motor stator winding. Synchronous generator rotor fields may be either salient or non-salient pole. Salient Pole (also called spider or projected pole) means the rotor has distinct pole windings mounted on the rotor shaft using dovetail joints. These pole windings are wound around field poles. Salient Pole rotors are most commonly used in slow speed applications and tend to be at least six poles. Salient pole rotors typically have damper windings to reduce rotor oscillations (caused by large flux changes between the individual poles) during operation.

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